Monday, April 2, 2012

What is An Online Party?

An Online party is like an offline party, but the only difference is... is that it's Online! simple as that ;).
guest gather in a chat room to discuss, the particular celebration at hand!

How do people usually get invited to Online parties?
the answer is through evites or from particular group or facebook fan page list.

Where are online parties usually held?
Online parties are usually held in a chat room.
but they can be held within  webinars too.

What do people usually do at Online Parties?
it all depends, on what the gathering relates to.
it may be a gathering to Congratulate a particulate individual on an accomplishment
it may be to discuss a current event, Auction, bartering session.
Most of the time Online Parties are held to share a product or service with the attendees.

Do online parties cost?
Most of the time they do, the price varies depending on the host.

The host is usually the person who sends out the invites, she/he is the person, holding the party
she/he is usually in charge of keeping the guest entertained.

Just like with Offline parties there are usually games played, and prizes to win.

Now here comes the most interesting question...

Is food served at online parties?
the answer... Yes! Wow how is that you may say lol.
weeeeellll, the host can order pizza, and have it delivered to each attendees home ;).

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